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The 3 must haves for great content typography


DO YOU KNOW HOW TO USE TYPOGRAPHY HIERARCHY when designing your content marketing.

There are three levels of typography hierarchy, heading, subheading and body text. When designing with text elements, it is extremely important to keep this in mind.

By using it the reader immediately understands what information is the most important.

The first thing the reader should notice is the HEADING and should contain the most important information it needs to contrast with a Sub heading and the body text.

The SUB HEADING should not be as distinctive as the heading but should have more definition than the body of text. The purpose of the sub heading is to provide your reader with further information but without telling them too much so you keep them engaged and wanting to know more.

The BODY TEXT in comparison to the other two levels usually contains more information. So it needs to be easy to read and smaller in size.

It is very important that you choose two to three fonts maximum for your brand.

You can also choose a font family that offers a variety of styles. Thin, regular, bold, italic. For example, use bold for headings and regular for body text. There must be contrast enough between the two.

When you choose to use two fonts you must make sure they compliment each other and are distinct enough to avoid conflict. You should use the same fonts for headings, subheadings and texts throughout your marketing materials to keep your brand consistent.

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