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My mission is to create a brand identity for your business that transcends time and holds profound meaning. This identity will seamlessly align with your vision while vividly bringing your brand's essence and personality to life.


Bonjour, I'm Emmanuelle!

I'm originally from the Basque Country in the South West of France but home is Dunsborough, Western Australia with my Aussie husband Seb and our beautiful little boy, Max.


As a young girl, I filled countless notebooks with drawings, doodles and designs. My creative passion was realised in 2008, when I was introduced to graphic design. From that point onward, I never looked back. The process of creating unique brands and designs keeps me in my happy place.

Creating a unique branding and website that brings your business to life and attracts your ideal audience, fulfils me.

My commitment is to craft a captivating brand and a beautiful and seamlessly functional website that deeply resonates with your audience.


For a fulfilling and joyful life, relationships hold utmost importance. Personally, I treasure the value of CONNECTION, deeming it vital. This ethos extends to my professional sphere, where I find immense satisfaction in collaborating closely with clients. My business is anchored in the foundational principles of PASSION, QUALITY, ELEGANCE, and CREATIVITY, forming its core values.

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What can you say about your experience of working with me personally?

"I have developed a strong connection and now friendship with Emmanuelle. I actually cried with happiness when she first presented the logo to me. It was such a relief to find someone who just “got me” and knew exactly what I wanted. It was design perfection."

Alice, AO Architects

I'd love to help you STAND OUT and ATTRACT your ideal client

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