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Taghreed M. Algheshyan Branding and Website Design Project

In this project, my goal was to weave the threads of elegance into a brand that not only mirrors their core values but also unfurls a distinctive presence that sets them apart in a sea of competitors.

The aim was not just to design, but to craft an identity that resonates seamlessly with their ideal audience, creating a meaningful connection that goes beyond aesthetics. The elegance infused into this brand serves as a testament to their professionalism and unwavering commitment to quality, ensuring that every facet of their identity embodies a captivating allure and authenticity

I have chosen to design a monogram to give the logo a unique, luxurious, high end character. I thought it would fit perfectly a personal brand.

This monogram with the 3 letters, T,M and A has been created with a mixture of curves and straight lines like those found in Architecture and in Nature, to give it an organic feel as well. I used this icon, as a brand element, throughout the brand assets.


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