If you are a savvy mumpreneur who is looking to start or rejuvenate your brand identity and website, I will make that happen. As a mum, I understand the importance of achieving business goals while achieving the work-life balance you always wanted.



“You only have one chance to make a good first impression”.


Your website is your virtual shop front. It is the first port of call for a potential customer. In the short amount of time a potential customer gives your business the chance to make an impression, you want to be certain your business stands tall, communicates your message clearly, and keeps that customer engaged.


Our signature package includes Branding and Web design. Because I understand that every business is different and at different season of their journey, you can chose between the Branding Experience or the Essential Experience. This package is for business owners who are ready to present their brand to the world by establishing an unforgettable online presence. 


After providing you with a detailed brand strategy on how to present your business to its wanting customers, I'll create a unique  brand identity and a beautiful, customised website, that truly reflects you and your business.

10-12 weeks process

Investment from $6,650

It includes:

Brand Strategy Workshop

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo


Social Media Profile Pictures

Colour Palette 

Font Suite

Brand Guideline Document

Custom Website

Domain Integration

Basic built-in SEO

Mobile friendly Design



Our branding experience is a journey through the nascent life of your business’ identity. Here, we will discover and develop the essence of your business, your vision and your mission. This information will inform our future direction. Your business may have a brand already or a brand idea, but following our intensive strategy session, your brand work to captivate your ideal clients.


This package delivers everything your business needs to stand apart from its competitors and establish its rightful place in the market.

6 weeks process

Investment from: $3,150

Brand Strategy Workshop

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo


Social Media Profile Pictures

Colour Palette

Font Suite

Brand Guideline Document



solstice AlicanteMockup16.jpg

Are you starting a business and want to give your brand the perfect start? Then this package will give your business everything it needs to hit the ground running. Here we will undergo a mini branding strategy session where I can understand, your mission, what vision you have for your business and your business to evolve in the future.

4 weeks process minimum

Investment from: $2,200

It includes:

Mini Brand Strategy

Primary Logo

Secondary Logo


Social Media Profile Pictures

Colour Palette 

Font Suite

Brand Guideline Document





I'll send you a brand strategy questionnaire to complete, which will be followed by a 1 on 1 strategy workshop via zoom. Armed with your brand strategy, I will work on the creative direction. I will walk you through your unique Brand strategy and creative direction pdf document.

This important step helps us ensure  we're on the same page before I dive into the creative process. by taking your vision and translating it into a design that will connect your business' values and mission with its target audience.



After creating multiple concepts, I'll pick the strongest one and present it to you via a concept presentation.


After your feedback, we will refine the concept, if necessary. Next, I'll put together the rest of your package based on the collateral material you have chosen.


I'll prepare a mockup of the home page if your project involves web design so you can see how your website will look and feel. Once you are 100% satisfied with the direction, I will complete the design of your online home.



After I put together the rest of your package based on the collateral material you have chosen and everything has been approved, I will package all your files and deliver them to you via a file on google drive.


I will walk you through the entire process, the branding and your strategy and we will discuss the most important part; the launch of your dazzling new Brand.

So exciting!



Your existing website does not truly reflect your brand and is not attracting your target client.


You have tried DIY but you are disappointed with the result. It isn't what you expected, you are lost and it involves too much of your precious time and there are not enough hours in a day to do it all.


Your branding no longer represents you and your business


You want to feel excited, proud, and confident when presenting your business.


You are ready to invest and rebrand to elevate your business to the next level.


You want more than a logo.


You understand this is an investment and a partnership.


You understand that quality takes time, therefore your project can not be rushed.


You are a mum and understand that plans need to be changed at times with little humans.


You're willing to give me creative freedom.

I'd love to hear about your project


Being a mother and an entrepreneur isn’t easy. The balance of family and building a business is demanding and sometimes unforgiving. Often, we wish we had more hours in the day. Why not make the business work for you?


Developing a brand and website that will help your business thrive and attract the audience you seek to serve, requires huge amounts of your time, time that you don't have. 


As a professional brand and web designer, let me relieve you of that burden. Let’s work together to get you back your time so you can spend it how you want.



Which platform will my site be built on?

I build my websites mainly on Wix, Editor X. However, I know that every business is different so I always ensure that we choose the best platform based on your business goals.

Can you help me with domain & hosting?

I can set it up for you. With Wix and Editor X, when you update to a Prenium Plan after completion of your project, you can connect a custom domain, through them, to look professional online & build your brand credibility. You will also receive a Free Domain for 1 Year. If you already have a domain then I can simply transfer it (so everything is managed through the same place) or point it towards your platform if you would like to keep it where it is. I do not purchase Domain name/Hosting plan for you. You will need to purchase a Hosting plan with Wix/Editor X. We will discuss which plan is the most suitable for your business before launch.

Will I be albe to easily edit my website?

Absolutely. I only work with platforms that are easy-to-use so that my clients feel confortable managing their site after our work together is complete. My aim is to make your life easier, not more complicated.
However, Editor X is a bit more complex. After our discovery call, I'll choose the best platform based on your business goals.

How will I receive ownership of everythig?

You'll receive all your files and gain ownership of your site once the final payment is received and we're ready for launch! I kindly ask you to store your files safely as I only keep these on record for 6 months after the end of the project.

Will you provide end-of-project training?

I will! When the project is finalised, I will show you how to use your website.

What if I want to cancel my project?

Although I truly hope it won't come to this, if for any reason you want to cancel your project and we cannot come up with an agreement to make it work, then write me an email informing me of your cancellation request. If you cancel you project, you remain liable for any outstanding payments and, depending on where we are in your project and how much has been done, I may not be obliged to refund any payment that you have previously made. If you have any questions, please refer to your Agreement or contact me directly.

What if I need something extra?

Not a problem. The deliverables that will be outlined in your Agreement are what we would have agreed to for your project fee. However, if you would like to add something extra during the project, then I will love to provide you with an estimate and add it to your project. Let me know what you have in mind and we will discuss how it aligns with your business goals and discuss the next steps.

Do you offer payment plan?

Brand Design and Web Design projects are both broken into two parts. After the initial 50% non refundable deposit is paid to secure your spot in my calendar, the remiander 50% will need to be paid before completion. All your project files will be available to you after the last payment has been made. If we are doing a Brand & Web project, the initial deposit will be 40%, then the project will be split into monthly payments to spread the remaining balance. I do require the project to be paid off in full before completion and ownership transfer.

Do I need to have my content and images ready before the Web Design project starts?

Before any conceptual designs are drawn up and website is build, projects need to be well thought out and prepared for the best results. By our agreed upon start date, you must have all website content (both image and text) ready to go. Failure to do so may result in rescheduling the project or a restart fee.

Will you write my website copy?

I am responsible for the design, look and feel of your website but not the copy. I collaborate with a very talented copywritter who will write your website copy if you need help. Let me know and I will provide you with his cotact details. He will work closely with you to strategise the copy of your website for SEO.

What about SEO for my site?

My website package includes basic SEO set up, so your website will be optimized to the best of my ability. It is recommended to hire a copywriting professional for SEO writting.

Can you design just a logo?

Your logo represents just a small part of your Brand Identity, which, in turn, represents just a small part of what Brand is. For a cohesive look and feel, supporting elements like fonts, colours, and graphics are needed alongside the logo. It is my opinion that the business you're working so hard to develop deserves much more. This is why I always advise my clients to think about how they will differentiate themselves from their competition and invest fully in building a brand identity they can use consistently accross their business year after year.

I'm not a mum, can we still work together?

Of course! Do not hesitate to contact me. We'll organise a chat to see if we are a good fit for each other!

Ready to embark on this exciting journey together?


Alice, AO Architects

"My new website is attracting my ideal clients who share similar values and design goals. I'm excited, relieved and more confident about presenting my business"